EE DNS forum / UADOM
Kyiv, December 1-2, 2016

UADOM-2016 will be held December 1-2 in Kiev in conjunction with ICANN in DNS forum format

Annual International Conference of the domain market UADOM, which traditionally gathers in Kiev more than two hundred internet specialists, will be held December 1-2, with the support of the international corporation ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in East European Forum DNS format (Eastern European Domain Name System Forum - EE DNS forum). For the participants of the conference will be presented interesting reports and presentations of ICANN’s specialists and the world's leading experts.

DNS forum is a regional meeting of the domain industry participants. It allows you to organize the exchange of experiences and best practices between regional specialists and international experts, as well as to disseminate information on new technologies and business opportunities. The Forum is open to anyone who interested in the domain industry. Its members are the domain registries, domain name registrars, technical experts, companies providing legal, technological or business consultations in domain names sphere, representatives of public organizations and government bodies. DNS forum in Eastern Europe will be held for the first time.

Forum UADOM held since 2011. During this time he became a significant event of the telecommunications market in Ukraine, it presents a different perspectives on the domain subjects, including technical, legal, marketing issues. Conference, which will have place in early winter, allows participants to summarize the preliminary results of the year, as well as to share plans for the next year.

The organizer of UADOM is company "Hostmaster" - the sponsoring organization and the registry of top-level domain .UA. Traditionally, participants of the forum are the domain name registrars and administrators of public domains, representatives of Internet projects and content creators, network operators and service providers. The high level of interest for the event is demonstrated by domestic and foreign companies, the Ukrainian government bodies and international organizations. Repeatedly in the forum attended by representatives of ICANN. This year, meeting expanded to format EEDNSforum will not only expand the geography of the event, but also diversify the traditional program by deeper discussion on regional and global issues with the participation of both local and international experts.

Key topics:

  • the current state of the international domain market;
  • advanced technology of domain names systems;
  • Internet security issues;
  • Legal aspects of the protection of rights for domain names;
  • the usage of new Internet technologies;
  • Marketing, advertising and educational campaigns in the domain industry.

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The Program Committee will be happy for reports or presentations related to conference themes.
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