EE DNS forum / UADOM
Kyiv, December 1-2, 2016
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UADOM-2016 to be held, jointly with ICANN, on 1-2 December in Kiev as DNS forum

UADOM, the annual international conference for the domain market, which traditionally brings together more than two hundred Internet specialists in Kiev, is to be held on 1-2 December, with the support of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) as EE DNS forum (Eastern European Domain Name System Forum). Interesting speeches and presentations by ICANN specialists and world leading experts will be presented to the participants of the conference.

DNS forum is the regional meeting of the domain industry players. The meeting enables sharing of experience and best practices among the regional specialists and international experts, as well as informing on the new technologies and business opportunities. The Forum is open to anyone interested in the domain industry. Its members are the domain registries, domain name registrars, technical experts, companies providing legal, technological or business advices in the field of domain names, representatives of NGOs and government authorities.

The DNS Forum is to be held in Eastern Europe for the first time.

UADOM Forum has been held since 2011. It has become significant event for the Ukrainian telecommunications market where various aspects of the domain industry are discussed, including technical, legal and marketing issues. The conference is to be held in early winter, so the participants will report on their achievements of the year and share their plans for the next one.

Organizer of UADOM Forum is Hostmaster, the sponsoring organization and the .UA domain top-level registry. Traditionally, the forum is attended by the domain name registrars and public domains administrators, representatives of Internet projects and content creators, network operators and service providers. The event is of great interest for domestic and foreign companies, the Ukrainian government authorities and international organizations. The ICANN representatives are traditionally among the most active participants of the forum. This year, the expanded format of EE DNS forum will not only expand the geography of the event, but also diversify the traditional agenda which includes deeper discussion of the regional and global issues by both local and international experts.

The key topics are:

  • current state of the international domain market;
  • advanced technologies for domain names systems;
  • security issues in the Internet;
  • legal aspects of domain name right protection;
  • new Internet technologies;
  • marketing, advertising and trainings in the domain industry.

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